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This makes influencer marketing more viable for small-medium businesses. With Intellifluence, you can search for influencers by country, social network, and keywords. Through the system, you can send a pitch for collaboration to your selected influencers and manage your communications with them.

The influencers signed up to be in the system themselves which meant that they are likely to be looking for collaborations.

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They are also verified by the Intellifluence team. Waaffle is the tool for making the most of your social media content. With Waaffle, you can aggregate and monitor social media posts from Twitter and Instagram, analyze them and publish the aggregated content. From there, there are three different ways you can use the feeds:. The curated public feed of social media posts is great for many purposes. Here are some recommendations from the team:.

The platform allows you to listen on social, engage with your customers, manage and publish your content, build responsive pages, measure your performance across channels and more! You can request a demo here.

7 lesser-known ways to make money from your content online

We thought it might be helpful to share the tool which we use at Buffer for social media customer support. We launched Buffer Reply earlier this year and the team has been working hard to improve the product. It puts all your Twitter and Facebook mentions, direct messages and searches into one simple inbox so that you and your team can quickly respond to your customers and resolve their issues.

Once you connect your account and set up your searches, you are ready to support your customers on Twitter and Facebook. While most social media tools are built for marketing and engagement, Buffer Reply is built mainly for customer support. With your customers and your support team in mind, here are some of the cool benefits of Buffer Reply:.

Thanks for making all the way to the end of the post! I hope you have found one or two or twenty new tools to add to your daily workflow. Are there any new social media tools I might have missed out? I probably have missed quite a few. Content Crafter at Buffer. I swim, cycle, and run a lot. I read hundreds of articles and enrolled in as many marketing courses that I could possibly get my hands on. Hi there, we use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic.

By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. Written by Alfred Lua Nov 16, Last updated: The social media world is a fascinating one. Quuu Hand-curated content suggestions for social media sharing Price: Panda 5 A smart news reader, powered by integrations Price: To save you more time, you can even read articles in the app itself.

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Zest Fresh marketing inspiration with every new tab Price: Free Best used for: Here are the top 10 tags with the most number of approved articles: Yotpo — Curation Collect Instagram photos from customers and influencers Price: Content curation for Instagram Description: With their advanced search functions, you can create a feed of Instagram photos from your customers, influencers and yourself.

Using their automated workflow, you can easily get the permission to use those photos and thank the creators. After collecting the user-generated photos, you can create a shoppable Instagram feed and photo galleries where your customers can go directly from Instagram or your homepage to the product page to complete the purchase. You can also promote your curated photos on your website, social media, or Yotpo Ads to show how real customers are using your product.

Refind The home for the best links on the web Price: With Refind, there are three ways to discover or re-discover content: Links you previously saved Links saved by your friends Recommendations based on your saved links If you tend to find and read articles on the go, Refind also has iOS and Android apps too! Adobe Spark Videos, images and stories made in minutes Price: For graphics, you can resize the graphic for different social media platform and change the theme, color palette, background, and text.

Share the graphic on Facebook or Twitter once and the watermark will be removed. A web story is essentially a web page with photos, videos, and text that tells a story. When creating a web story, you can include photos, text, button, videos and more.

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They have a very large search function that allows for specific content we are looking for to be shared on our niche website. Follow content submission sites Some sites out there rely on marketers to submit their favorite posts, articles and news for their content. Curata CCS enables marketers to create, curate, organize, annotate and share the most relevant and highest quality content as part of a successful content marketing strategy. We at Vidinterest, are working to make video curation easy. GrowthHackers GrowthHackers is a community very similar to Inbound.

For videos, you can pick from a story template or start from scratch. You can then insert icons, texts, and photos, add music and change the layout of each slide.

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For example, if you are making a video, here are the story templates you can choose from: Short video creation Description: Add content and captions to the editor. You can upload images and videos or select copyright-free images and videos from their gallery. Choose a theme for your video.

21 Places for Finding Social Media Content to Fill Your Schedule

You can pick from their pre-made themes or build your own. Customize your video with filters, animations, fonts and more.

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Want to learn more about how social media can help drive sales? Download our free, curated list of high-impact articles. content, images, videos and everyday comical online occurrences. Next you'll want to head over the sub-reddit of your choice where you can view the most upvoted content from the. Here are seven ways to promote your business online that won't cost you must put up content that people want to view and are relevant to They're a powerful media tool to use to help generate publicity, and having free.

Finding photos and videos for your content Description: CalendarX Get a calendar your audience can follow Price: Live events promotion Description: To help you gain followers, there are many ways you can share your CalendarX calendar: Share a link to the calendar page or the follow page Add a follow button on your website or emails Embed it on your website Furthermore, CalendarX allows you collect information from your followers when they subscribe to your calendar, just like a mailing list signup form.

Rebrandly Create and share links with your custom domain name Price: Social media branding Description: If you prefer to organize your Rebrandly shortened links in the existing apps you are using already, Rebrandly integrates with several other link-shortening apps such as: Yala A bot that knows the best time to share your content Price: Social media scheduling Description: PostReach The easiest way to measure content performance Price: Content marketing analysis Description: With PostReach, you get the following information: Views and unique views Reader engagement: Bounce rate and average time on page Reader acquisition: Channels and sources which brought readers to your content Shares breakdown: Total shares, tweets, retweets, and total potential reach Influencers: Free at the moment for its beta Best used for: Paid social media management Description: With Reveal, you get all these right within Slack: Social media management of multiple accounts Description: A new tab with a different color will be opened.

Each group acts like a new window, which means you can log in to a different profile of the same social media platform for every group you open. Clicking on the Ghost Browser icon beside the address bar allows you to quickly switch between different groups and tabs.

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Engage by Twitter Grow and understand your Twitter audiences on-the-go Price: Social media listening and engagement Description: In the app, there are three main tabs in the navigation — Engage, Understand, and Posts. Snaplytics Analytics platform for Snapchat Price: Through Snaplytics, you can find out: Intellifluence Intelligent Influencer Marketing Price: Waaffle Aggregate, analyze, and publish content from social media Price: Social media monitoring, curation, and analysis Description: From there, there are three different ways you can use the feeds: Monitor and respond to the relevant posts to engage with your audience Analyze the number of posts using the hashtags or from the accounts and view the top five posts in the past 30 days Display your selected social media posts on a public Waaffle board, a website widget, or a full customizable feed using its API The curated public feed of social media posts is great for many purposes.

Here are some recommendations from the team: Pro and Premium plans pricing not available Best used for: Full marketing and customer experience management Description: Monitor social media channels and online media to collect insights Publish: Plan and publish with a social media content calendar Measure: Make informed decisions with social media analytics Engage: Manage all your customer engagement needs with your social inbox Build: Create beautiful and responsive campaign pages Audience: From presentations to infographics, printables and reports, tap into hundreds of templates, content blocks and color schemes to easily create beautiful content.

You can visualize your data by tapping into fully customizable charts, easy to use data widgets, or plot your data onto maps. You can even connect charts to live data! Animate any object, add links to websites or social networks, and create pop-ups and rollovers. Download as high resolution image, document or HTML5 to present offline and maintain interactivity. Full privacy control to make your content public and indexable by search engines, private or password protected.

You can also share content within your team. Access audience analytics including who viewed your content, from where and for how long. Full privacy control to make your content public, private or password protected. Add video, control playback, upload audio or record voice overs right inside the editor. View and present your content anytime from anywhere on any device. Share online as a URL, on social Media, embed to a site, or download for offline use. Bring your content to life.

21 Places for Finding Social Media Content to Fill Your Schedule

Animate any object, add links, transitions and pop-ups. We are a passionate motivated crew with a mission to allow anyone to create and communicate data visually with no design experience. Designed by HindSite Interactive. Proudly made in Maryland.

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Stunning templates that are easy and flexible From presentations to infographics, printables and reports, tap into hundreds of templates, content blocks and color schemes to easily create beautiful content.