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Best Employee Monitoring Reviews 2018

As a freemium service easily installed on an employees desktop to measure activity, the ActivTrak platform provides valuable aggregate data on a company's day-by-day performance, with information displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard. The company's software is easy to install and data transfer is encrypted, ensuring protection and security. Learn more about ActivTrak.

Free way to see who is doing what and for how long. Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking and employee monitoring software that helps you know if your team is really productive. It's especially suited to team from 20 to employees. It is a web-based solution that provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, reminders, screenshot recording, invoicing, reporting tools, integrations and so much more. Learn more about Time Doctor. A time tracking and employee monitoring software that is accurate and helps you to know if your team is really working productively.

Leading cloud based time tracking software for small and big teams. Easy to implement, great reports, multi-device and offline support. Learn more about Toggl. Collects statistics and build reports of the employee's work based on the employee's presence status Skype for Business. Learn more about SkypeTime. Cloud based employee monitoring software with Screenshots and Productivity analysis.

Manage your remote employees. Software designed to monitor computer, employee and application activities. Helps to increase employees productivity, reduce expenses.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2018

Learn more about WorkTime Corporate. Computer and internet monitoring software for employee work time usage tracking.

Learn more about Work Examiner. Cloud employee monitoring solution that connects to computers of your office or remote employees and tracks all their activity.

Learn more about Aeroadmin. OsMonitor is designed for network computer monitoring. You can find every detail of your employees' computer on your own server. Learn more about OsMonitor. Time tracking tool that captures screenshots of remote employees' and freelancers' screens. Learn more about ScreenshotMonitor. CompaniReviews delivers the latest employee reviews fromGlassdoor and Indeed right to your Slack.

Learn more about CompaniReviews. Learn more about EasyPrinting. Improve staff's discipline with cloud employee monitoring app that enables managers to control employees' computers and internet work. Learn more about Employee Monitor. Yes, because if a problem crops up with an employee, whoever manages that person will know immediately. As you can tell, this three-question framework will transform a seemingly tricky decision into a simple one. If your employees are constantly traveling to meet clients, using a GPS tracking system is probably the best choice.

The same goes for email, phone, and voicemail tracking. Basecamp also integrates with Hubstaff, which lets your employees track time to their Basecamp to-dos from within Hubstaff. In other words, integrations let you effortlessly move data from one app to another—so time-consuming, repetitive tasks are automated, and none of your information gets stuck in one place.

Integrations are extremely powerful. Like we said, employee monitoring comes with its fair share of risks. Fortunately, following a couple of general guidelines will help you avoid every single one. In fact, you can even get your employees enthusiastic about using one of these systems. But getting it will make your life way easier: So, how do you get buy-in?

First, prepare a presentation for your workers. In any case, you should have a detailed explanation of how this system will improve the business , and more importantly, how it will help your workers. Nathan Watson of the Indiana University School of Law says the vast majority of businesses that monitor employees provide notice to those employees.

The first feature—plain language—is especially important. If you find yourself using unnecessarily abstract or vague terms, rewrite the policy to make it more human. The Company has the capability to access, review, copy and delete any messages sent, received or stored on the email system. The Company reserves the right to access, review, copy D- 10 or delete all such messages for any purpose and to disclose them to any party inside or outside the Company it deems appropriate.

To make sure nothing sketchy is happening via email which unfortunately is something we have to worry about , our company uses software that lets us open, read, copy, and delete any message that goes through the email system. That means any message that an employee has sent, received, or saved on the system. We can also share these emails with anyone whether they work at this company or not. Anything you can do to facilitate the transition is worth doing.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2018

Find and compare Employee Monitoring Software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. We test 10 employee monitoring tools for tracking user productivity, application and Featured Employee Monitoring Software Reviews.

Are you using new software? Train your employees how to use it.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Try to make the sessions fun and engaging. Or, your team is remote, so you promise Starbucks gift cards to the five team members who participate the most during the webinar. Check out these 12 tips for an effective employee training program. Instead, ask for an alternative. You could respond, "Okay, I definitely understand that. And hey, if he has a different, better idea, then everyone wins!

Just out of curiosity, is there any way we could increase autonomy even more? Now, you know the various types of employee monitoring, its pros and cons, which type to use within your organization, how to stay within the law, what to consider about specific software, and how to get your workers on-board. Have you ruled out employee monitoring? Read here to see how to benefit from it in your business.

Check out these eight critical tips on choosing remote working monitoring software in your business.

What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

Products Blog Case Studies Support. What is Employee Monitoring? Thanks to modern technology, companies can monitor almost percent of employee activity and communication, including: Types of employee monitoring systems 2.

Monitoring Your Workforce

The pros of employee monitoring 3. The cons of employee monitoring 4. How to choose a system 6. How to introduce your employees to the system 7. Less wasted time The typical full-timer is paid for 8 hours of work each day—but he or she is wasting between 90 to minutes.

Fewer errors As this Chron article points out , having more insight into what your team members are doing lets you catch mistakes before they spiral out of control. Increased security To see how employee monitoring makes your workplace safer, go back to the case in which tracking employee emails helped resolve a sexual harassment claim.

Less administrative work Administrative work is the bane of your existence, right? Back in , an employee whose company installed a camera in the workplace said: Weighing the pros and cons What if you could get all the pros of employee monitoring, without any of the cons? Ultimately, the Editors' Choice awards for the products tested in this roundup went to Teramind for enterprise-level monitoring and to ActivTrak for productivity-focused monitoring that's better suited to small to midsize businesses SMBs. While InterGuard and Veriato have comparably vast feature sets and monitoring capabilities, Teramind stands alone in the level of automation admins can configure when it comes to user-specific rules and alerts, and additional advanced functionality such as live OCR, historic playback mode, remote desktop control, and audio support for microphone and headphone monitoring in call centers.

StaffCop Enterprise packs a selection of monitoring tools and automation features to match Teramind, but their value is lessened by a painstaking on-premises setup and virtual machine VM provisioning process as opposed to Teramind's seamless installation.

Teramind also provides a more intuitive, cloud-based management user interface UI and user experience UX than either InterGuard or Veriato Teramind was also one of the easiest tools we tested to install agents, configure the admin dashboard, and get up and running fast without much hassle. ActivTrak, on the other hand, is an ideal option for SMBs or even enterprises that don't need the full-blown Big Brother oversight of Teramind and want an easy-to-use platform for tracking employee productivity and efficiency metrics.

It's a "Google Analytics for your office" and the best of the productivity-focused tier of monitoring products we reviewed. It is also worth noting that for the time tracking products reviewed in this roundup, we did not change the existing ratings or awards. So, while VeriClock is rated as a 4. In the future, we'll update our reviews as new features become available for each individual product. So, as a living and breathing document, some of the tools listed today in this roundup may not be listed in a year, as scores may change and new products may be added to the roundup. As you try solutions, be sure to check in with us to see if any new software has been added to this roundup.

Regardless of why your business needs this kind of software, employee monitoring tools should be handled with the utmost respect for privacy. For admins, the power that accompanies this kind of software should necessarily surface concerns when it comes to handling confidential or personal data, overseeing managerial access rights over whom they can monitor, and maintaining a level of transparency as to what constitutes "work hours" and whether employees are aware they're being monitored.

The vast majority of the tools in this roundup include strict access controls that allow managers and supervisors viewing admin dashboards to see only the employee profiles and monitoring data of workers they are directly managing and authorized to see. When choosing an employee monitoring tool, another factor to consider is whether the software lets your business decide if the monitoring agents installed on company machines will be visible to employees, disguised under different app or process names or completely incognito.

Some platforms let you turn agent visibility on and off and customize program names. However, in other platforms, a completely stealth agent is the default option. This is also a key factor depending on compliance laws. In Europe, for instance, employers are required to notify employees if they are being monitored this isn't required in the US.

So, while employee monitoring agents are intended in many cases to run as stealthy, blended-into-the-background processes, don't discount the ability to configure visibility and privacy settings when you're researching which product to buy. Consider the case of remote or telecommuting workers.

While an employer may say there is no expectation of privacy on company machines, how do you handle the monitoring of a remote worker who's off the clock but still using their company laptop? Teramind, for example, allows remote employees who have a revealed but not incognito agent to press Start and Stop so that monitoring only happens while the employee is on the clock. However, privacy features in these platforms should and do go beyond that. For example, DeskTime Pro and Time Doctor let admins choose whether to take regular or blurred screenshots to maintain more privacy.

StaffCop Enterprise and Teramind let you build monitoring policies, either for specific users or company-wide, that designate websites or apps you don't want to monitor. So, if an employee logs into their Chase account to check their bank balances, then the agent can suspend monitoring and keystroke logging so as not to record sensitive financial data. The technology at work in employee monitoring tools can provide tremendous benefits to businesses through comprehensive oversight, data gathering, data reporting, and automation. When choosing the tool that's right for your organization, it's worth keeping Google's old slogan in mind while evaluating the monitoring features, customization, and powerful data gathering capabilities at your company's disposal: Featured Employee Monitoring Software Reviews: Intuitive admin dashboard and user experience.

Automated policy rules and anomaly detection. Live OCR on screen recordings. Can switch agent from stealth to revealed mode. Offers cloud and hosted deployment. Depth of monitoring features can be daunting. This tool's well-designed user interface, depth of advanced functionality, and powerful automation and reporting put it above the rest, earning it our Editors' Choice designation. No OCR for keyword search within screenshots.

It's Google Analytics for your office. Easy to use for admins and end users alike. Nearly endless settings options for administrators.

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Only 1 GB of storage capacity. Can't schedule time in the future. Only a few minor issues stop it from leading its class. Wide selection of add-on modules and features. Chat app and social media monitoring.

Worktime - Employee Monitoring Solution

Powerful notification and report wizards. Compatibility issues and manual settings can make agent installation a hassle. Data takes some time to sync. Though its user interface leaves much to be desired, the tool boasts strong keyword tracking and intuitive wizard-based experiences for building automated notifications and reports. Makes payments and creates invoices within the console. Old, boring user interface. Requires desktop app or Chrome extension to use stopwatch feature. The tool does everything well but it particularly excels when it comes to employee monitoring.

Offers screen-grab and keystroke monitoring.

What is Online Employee Monitoring Software?

Easy to add time to timesheets prior to shifts. Easy to schedule shifts for employees. Stopwatch requires a second app on the desktop. No IP address restrictions.